About Us

About Somera Road Inc.

Somera Road, Inc. is a New York-based Commercial Real Estate investment platform driven by its partners’ passion for revitalizing the urban cores of America’s secondary and tertiary cities. Somera takes an entrepreneurial and methodical approach to identifying value-add and opportunistic real estate that caters to the Millenial workforce and a modern vision of urban America.

Somera sources its real estate investments through non-traditional and off-market transactions, and generates returns through capital injection, strategic re-positioning and best-in-class management. Our disciplined approach means we only buy assets in markets and neighborhoods that we understand, and we generate investment returns through an aggressive, strategic, but most importantly, a hands-on approach. Over the course of the last cycle, Somera’s principals lead the acquisition and repositioning of over $1 billion of real estate, across a variety of asset classes, in over two dozen geographic markets.

Somera aims to provide real estate solutions to corporate problems.

Investment Strategies

With a focus on maximizing risk adjusted returns, and an underlying commitment to preservation of principal, Somera capitalizes on market inefficiencies and over-leveraged investments. Besides traditional real estate, members of our team have had experience structuring and acquiring Commercial Mortgage Backed Securities (“CMBS”), non-performing loans, REO assets, B-Notes, Mezzanine Loans, and distressed JV-equity positions.

Somera targets cities with a trajectory that our team believes in, and focuses on assets that are ripe for recovery. In addition to delivering the necessary property-level investment and repositioning, our boots-on-the-ground approach means we work directly with local policy makers, city planners, and real estate professionals to revitalize assets at the macro level. We aim to be thoughtful, nimble, responsive and responsible in our interactions with all of our counterparties. We assure that in every transaction we take an aggressive approach, are well-capitalized, and true to our word.

Our market-specific relationships and unique access to non-traditional opportunities – combined with our experience, reputation, and discipline – position Somera as a leading middle market real estate investment platform.

Our Philosophy

Strategic Partnerships

Somera continually adds to its growing network of investors, lenders, brokers and other real estate professionals organically, through successful partnerships and referrals.

Full Transparency

Somera prides itself on being responsive, attentive, and reliable in regards to all investor relations.

Disciplined Investment

With its large pipeline of potential investments, Somera’s detail oriented underwriting, market-specific research and understanding, and hands-on approach are critical for mitigating risk or over extension.

Alignment of Interests

Somera’s principals invest alongside investors in every deal. This alignment ensures that no investment is made without certainty that it has a high likelihood of achieving targeted returns.